29 Jun 2017

Writing a Literature ReviewA literature review differs from other forms of writing, it’s basically a review of something and it exhibits the rational and the prologue with the primary research. It is necessary that the literature review should be included in a research paper since its mandatory. The main objective is to observe, while being critical, a part of the published sources should be from its classification, summary and evaluation by using other research studies, academic studies and valuation of literature.

What Is A Literature Review?

A literature review is very different from a book review. It is constructed with the research material from, scholarly articles, journals, books, and dissertation or conference papers relevant on the subject of the review. It provides a description for online college course, a summary and a critical evaluation of the point’s mentioned in it. In a literature review you should show awareness of the different argument and theories which you have presented.

Why to Write a Literature Review?

The purpose of writing a literature review is to express your knowledge about the specific literature within the topic given to you for critical evaluation.

Things in a Literature Review:

  • It recognizes areas of previous studentship to establish your topic in the framework of prior studies to check your assignment.
  • It places every work in the context of contribution to the knowledge of the topic that is under review.
  • It describes how your studies are related to each other.
  • Recognizes breaks in prior research and highlights new means to construe the topic.

Using Educational Language:

  • The use of academic language is really important when writing a literature review. It’s essential that the tone should be cautious, formal and grammatically correct.
  • You need to write the literature review in UK English rather than US English while writing assignments.
  • The academic writing is always in passive voice.
  • You should put rational reasoning in it.
  • Don’t use slang words like “basically” or “actually”
  • Avoid using first person terms like: I, Me, My, Our or We.

What Is Required In A Literature Review?

Following are the things required in a literature review:

Introduction: It is an overview of the topic which you will be speaking about.

Organize the Review: Firs you will group the authors who presented the same conclusion and then compare the views of different authors on the issue.

Be Critical: You need to present areas where the authors had disagreement, you need to consider every authors argument and how to support it with evidence. You need to ask yourself whether the author is objective or they are biased. Link your own opinions in the critical analysis and use quotes if required. Remember to put in the citations correctly.

Conclusion: Here you to state that which opinions are most satisfying and why and which of them makes the best contribution in understand of the subject.

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