18 Jan 2017

Dissertation TopicIf you want to win you dissertation writing and get a good start to your professional career, you have to make sure everything that goes I your dissertation is what reflects you. Dissertation writing is a difficult work but it is about time we stop fretting about it and try and make things better and keep them in control. In order to make sure that you do everything right in your dissertation, you have to see if the topic you selected is the one that represents you. You should completely know the topic and be very well aware of it.

Make sure that the topic that you select is the one that you want yourself to be represented with in front of your examiner. The examiner is a stranger and he does not know you, you don’t get a benefit of doubt with him because he does not know you personally so it is your work that will represent you in front of him and it is only the topic that sets everything in the right direction. How to make sure that you have chosen the right topic? Find out through the follow characteristics of a good dissertation topic:

  • A god writing topic, as we mentioned earlier is the one the reader knows about before. The reader should know the topic, have some theories of his own about the issue and he should feel comfortable about the topic.
  • Dissertation writing topic should be some recent issue. This enables the readers to connect with the dissertation and it enables the writer to access knowledge and content easily for his analysis. The more recent the topic or the issue the more theories the writer will get. Also, getting content on a recent issue is comparatively very easy compared to older problems.
  • Make sure to find a topic that has never been written about before. A topic that has been covered before becomes a problem when the examiner asks you what makes you come up with it when so many other people have written about it. They already have read thesis based on the same topic so only pick an already taken topic if you know you can write them from a different perspective. But that is usually a challenge to write a dissertation writing better than the ones people have written about before and create your own standard so better to avoid risks.
  • Choose a topic that bridges the gap between the problem and its solution and not add to the problem. Your dissertation writing topic must serve and contribute the literature of your subject so again if it is new topic it will be a great contribution if written well.
  • Lastly you have to make sure that your topic is entirely related and relevant to your subject. An irrelevant topic or a copied topic will not result well.


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